Couples Workshop Reviews

What some of the couple's workshop attendees say . . .

(96% positive evaluations for 11 years)


“What a dynamic workshop! It will push you to open your eyes and heart without being threatening -- a must for all couples wanting to grow in their relationship.”

“We had been to 5 prior seminars or therapists. This workshop was a breakthrough for us. Thank you for a life changing experience!”
         Man married 13 years

“Dawn is the Michael Jordan of relationship therapy.”       Man -- married 10 years


"The bond I felt with my husband this weekend was indescribable. I felt a new connection and understanding which just deepened the love I already felt.
Dawn, you are phenomenal! I felt so safe to be myself that I could actually work on my relationship."

       Therapist, married

“After having been to other workshops, this one really hits on the real issues in a couples life. I definitely recommend it to all who want to improve, keep or start your relationship with your signficant other.”
Man married 17 years

“Exceptionally clear, insightful. Powerful tools for any couple.
                      Therapist L.

“This short weekend was so worth our time and money. We left with tools that I know both of us can and will use to make our marriage more of a fun and caring partnership.”
           Vickie, married .

“Thank you for helping me communicate in a way that I never have before. I understand myself and my wife in a whole new way.”
             Man, married 6 years