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Help for My Marriage? Most couples begin by building connection. In connection they feel love. And then big and small things happen, even in the best of relationships.
Spouse doesn't want to go to marriage counseling?

I frequently hear the question of how to get a reluctant spouse or partner to counseling. Here is some about why and 1-2 specific steps to take.

Common Fears About Marriage Counseling Video


This won't be a complete list of fears, but will cover some of the common ones.

Spouse doesn't want to go to marriage counseling?

In order to keep your client information confidential, I provide a secure client area with a level of encyption that meets or exceeds that required for medical records. This walks you through the registration process.

Spouse doesn't want to go to marriage counseling?

If you choose to work with me after our first session, this secure area will serve as a center for secure communication and storage of your information, forms, handouts, homework and other counseling files. In addition, you can keep a completely private journal, pay your invoice in advance and more.

blame in marriage and relationships

A great way to ruin your relationship is to blame each other for things you don't like or for your own feelings. There are better ways to say you don't like something that can help you both come closer instead of driving a wedge between you.

Apathetic partner passive aggressive

Do you expect your spouse to plan all the fun, come up with ideas of activities, bring romance or adventure into the relationship, initiate sex or affection? Even when you fail to initiate in one area, it can feel like rejection, or that the person doesn't matter. Little efforts can make a big difference!