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Imago Relationship Therapy has a specific process of dialogue to work with conflict while deepening understanding and connection. It also helps in designing effective win-win approaches to issues. The resources listed below offer free articles, videos, teaching materials and more on OTHER approaches related to conflict, dialogue, and more.

Other Approaches to Dialogue

Dialogue: A Virtual Workshop A free 12 video series on Essential Partner's approach to dialogue. Essential Partners, is a non-profit that helps groups and communities improve how they approach differences in views, values and identities. (Used to be the Public Conversations Project)

Appreciative Inquiry Summary of an approach based on strengths of a group.

Dialogue-A Proposal An academic article by David Bohm, Factor & Garrett on purpose and meaning of dialogue, what dialogue is not, etc.

Dialogue & Deliberation: Summaries of many approaches to dialogue and understanding -- Cooperative Inquiry, Appreciative Inquiry, Compassionate Listening, and more from National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation. They have a variety of resources on different approaches to public dialogue, public engagement, change, etc.

Resources for Conflict in Society and the World

Fostering Dialogue Across the Divides From Essential Partners. PDF on creating small group sessions on exploring differences in one or more areas. Guide for Conversations Across the Red-Blue Divide

Beyond Intractability Knowledge Base This website has a lot of resources -- articles, teaching materials, etc. on issues related to regular conflict or 'intractable conflict) (stuck or destructive conflict) --between groups, in business, in politics, in the world, etc.

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