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"We help you take the relationship you have and make it the one you want."

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December 13-15, 2013

Getting the Love You Want workshop for couples • Orlando, FL          (Download brochure)      Comments     Register



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Dawn J. Lipthrott, LCSW
Relationship Learning Ctr.
1177 Louisiana Ave. Ste. 109
Winter Park, FL 32789

(part of Orlando area)

Tel & Fax: 407-740-7763




“Dawn is the Michael Jordan of relationship therapy.”
Man -- married 10 years


“What can I say -- you've brought order to our chaos. I love it. Thank you SO much!”


“We had a very different conversation about something we've talked about 100 times -- and came to a whole new place together.;
Man in partnership 12 years


“We had been to 5 prior seminars or therapists. This workshop was a breakthrough for us. Thank you for a life changing experience!”
Man married 13 years


“What a dynamic workshop! It will push you to open your eyes and heart without being threatening -- a must for all couples wanting to grow in their relationship.”


“Thank you for helping me communicate in a way that I never have before. I understand myself and my wife in a whole new way.”Man, married 6 years



“Exceptionally clear, insightful. Powerful tools for any couple.
Therapist L

“This short weekend was so worth our time and money. We left with tools that I know both of us can and will use to make our marriage more of a fun and caring partnership.”
Vickie, married


“I liked the safe, non-threatening environment in which we could learn and practice new ways of being together.”
Man, married 10 years


“Dawn is safe, caring, articulate and interesting. She is a wonderful example of committed, loving, relationship. ”
Woman in partnership 4 years


“An eye-opener! I learned things about myself and now have tools to go create the marriage I want. ”
Man, engaged


“The Imago model is a vehicle that can get us to the destination of healthy relationships and self-healing. It changed me and my partner. ”
Therapist in partnership 2 years


“After having been to other workshops, this one really hits on the real issues in a couples life. I definitely recommend it to all who want to improve, keep or start your relationship with your signficant other.”
Man married 17 years


“"Going to this workshop breathes new life into our marriage and gives us the opportunity to grow by stepping outside our own world and into the world of our partner in order to understand and appreciate each other. ”
Therapist, married 17 years


“This opened the opportunity for success. It made me feel hopeful when I thought I was past hope. ”
Woman in partnership 6 years

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• Dates, Fees, Hotel
• Frequently Asked Questions
• What Participants Say About the Workshop

The Getting the Love You Want workshop/retreat is a powerful and effective couples retreat to help you and your partner learn new ways to create the marriage or relationship of your dreams whether you are just starting out or have been together for over 40 years. It is a time and cost effective way to help you both co-create what you both want in a fulfilling, happy, lasting marriage or relationship. The workshop is not a religious retreat. For those of you who do have a faith tradition, you can use that to help you implement what you learn. However, this is a counseling theory and skill based workshop.

If you would like to learn tools to. . .

  • Re-kindle passion
  • Work through hurts & frustrations that bring you closer instead of further apart
  • Learn why upsets and conflict make sense, even when they seem not to, and what to do
  • Bring back fun & romance
  • Deepen sexual intimacy
  • Learn how to be deeply connected without losing your self and to have a self without losing connection
  • Create or deepen emotional intimacy
  • Be more successful in meeting your partner's needs
  • Express your love in ways that hit the target
  • Re-cultivate true friendship
  • Give the best gift possible to your children
  • Increase understanding & acceptance of self & other
  • Cultivate a strong, lasting, & authentic partnership
  • Discover the spiritual potential of your relationship
  • Create a blueprint to help you stay on track toward the marriage/relationship you really want

      Then this workshop/retreat is for YOU!

Format and Options:
We offer the same workshop/retreat specifically for gay and lesbian couples as we do for heterosexual couples. Whether you have a good marriage or relationship that you want to make great, or one that is filled with distress or stagnation, or even one that is on the brink of breakup, this couples retreat is for you. You will learn how to expand the best of your relationship and your selves. You will also learn practical tools to help you transform conflict into something that can bring you closer together instead of a wedge that drives you further and further apart. The work couples do in the retreat has often been compared to 3-6 months of marriage or relationship therapy. I agree, but like counseling, it only works if you do the work and practice using what you learn. If you are already in counseling, it can help you move forward much more quickly.

The format of the retreat involves presentations by me, demonstrations of new skills and tools, practice with your own spouse or partner, times of reflection and writing (not essays, just lists!)

I keep my workshops small (maximum 10 couples), however, some want the one on one attention of a private workshop/retreat.

better marriage

Added Value:
Because I want my couples to succeed, I also offer couples who attend my workshops, the opportunity to repeat it for free as a way to help them integrate the information and refine their skills. Even if you heard the same workshop on video the next weekend, you would learn something new! We are also working on other ways to assist couples integrate what they learn during the weekend.

The weekend Getting the Love You Want workshop/retreat, developed by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., (author of the best-selling book, Getting the Love You Want and founder of Imago Relationship Therapy, and Oprah's 'favorite therapist') takes the guesswork out of making your relationship more satisfying and fulfilling for both of you.improve relationship


Workshop Dates, Location :
Space is limited so please register as soon as possible both to guarantee your place and to help us plan for what we need at the hotel. Early bird discounts are available for registration 3 weeks in advance of the schedule workshop.

OUR NEXT Getting the Love You Want Workshop Retreats:
Workshops are Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday (unless you are doing a private or semi-private workshop in my office). Please plan to attend the FULL time. Each piece builds on the one before it, so arriving on time and being present for each piece is essential. Please arrange to attend the entire workshop.

Click Here to Register for all Getting the Love You Want workshops (including private) ((secure server))

2013 Workshop Dates

(Private workshops are scheduled individually with the couple)

April 5 - 7, 2013 For Couples Orlando , FL
July 19 - 21, 2013 For Couples Orlando , FL
December 13-15, 2013 For Couples Orlando , FL
Private workshops are available and are scheduled with the couple

Regular Workshop Times: We start promptly at the time listed .

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm   (We begin promptly at 7:30pm -- Please be in the room by 7:20pm. One piece builds upon the other, so make sure you get all the pieces!
( NOTE: Private or semi-private workshops in Dawn's office do not require the Friday evening and will just include the regular Saturday & Sunday hours)

8:30 am -- 7:00 pm Saturday (Please be in the room by 8:20am)
8:30 am--6:00 pm Sunday

Regular Workshop Location (when you register, you will get a confirmation letter verifying location):

Most workshops are held at
Courtyard Marriott near the Orlando Airport Click here for map to hotel

7155 N. Frontage Road
Orlando, FL 32812
Telephone: 407-240-7200 or Toll Free 1-800-321-2211

We have a group code that will be sent in your confirmation letter when you register). Group rate is $79.00 per night plus taxes.

$695 per couple. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: $50 off the fee ( you pay $645 instead of $695 IF you register 3 or more weeks in advance of the workshop dates). You can hold your place with a deposit of $350 or pay full fee. (Private workshops are $1350)

If your first reaction is "I can't afford it!", I would invite to also ask yourself, "Can we afford NOT to attend?" Then, make your choice, whether it is a workshop or counseling with me or some other therapists.

We provide snacks, but meals & hotel are not included) ANOTHER WAY YOU CAN SAVE: Sometimes couple friends have attended together. If you refer another couple who actually attends the workshop you attend, you pay only $450 for the workshop. If you refer two couples who attend the same workshop with you, you come for free!

Decide what's important to you and then find the right resource, whether it is this workshop or something else. Don't let your relationship continue to decline by inaction! If you are just starting out, don't deprive yourselves of gaining tools that can help you continue deepening your connection and working successfully through challenges to build a stronger marriage or partnership.

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I welcome your constructive comments and suggestions about the material on this website and how we can all be most effective in co-creating the kind of relationships and world that is honoring and respectful for all people.
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