Intentional Dialogue CD

This 2-CD set (or mp3 instant download) takes you through the preparation and steps for Intentional Dialogue as developed by Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD. It is one of the core skills of Imago Relationship Therapy. See the information below for a description of who might benefit, what the tape covers, and other resources related to forms of Intentional Dialogue.

Now available as an instant 2- part download (mp3) OR a 2 CD set mailed to you.

(Mailed sets are available only to persons within the United States.)

Who is this dialogue CD for?

Imago dialogue

• Anyone who wants to communicate more effectively about conflict and is willing to practice new skills
Getting the Love You Want workshopgraduates
• Couples learning or using Imago Relationship Therapy
Therapists recently trained in Imago Relationship Therapy
Couples who have read Getting the Love You Want and want help to use the dialogue processImago dialogue
• Any 2 people who want to both communicate AND be heard and understood about anything important

Imago Dialogue instructions

What will you learn about intentional dialogue?

• A brief explanation about the purpose and benefits of intentional dialogue

• Common objections and frustrations from people beginning to practice the process

• Common mistakes that people make--many seem insignificant, but make a huge difference!

• Responsibilities of both the Sender and Receiver

• How to intentionally prepare oneself either as a Sender or Receiver

• Specific steps of the Dialogue--for the Sender and Receiver--with suggestions of how to do them more successfully and effectively

• Additional steps such as Owning and Teaching which can deepen and enrich the dialogue

I recommend that when the person mirroring asks if they heard it, instead of giving a percentage as in the CD ("you got 90%") . . . .

simply say something like "you got most of it (or some of it) -- the part you missed was . . . ."

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Imago dialogue mp3


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