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What IS Imago Relationship Therapy? Pt. 1

How Imago Relationship Therapy is different from most marriage counseling, what 'Imago' means, and how our relationships from our family of origin and other early relationships, affect our adult relationships. Includes a video of Harville Hendrix working with a couple on the Oprah show.

What IS Imago Relationship Therapy? Pt. 2.

Explores more our attraction to both positive and negative qualities, a video from Harville Hendrix on this topic, and looks at the common belief about being 'incompatibile'.

What IS Imago Relationship Therapy? Pt. 3.

How Imago Relationship Therapy helps couples change the cycles of distress, disconnection and unhappiness; how a session with an Imago Relationship therapist is different, how to find a therapist near you.

Stages of Marriage and Relationships:

What you don't know can hurt you!
Fading of loving feelings, disappointment, and conflict are normal stages of marriage and other relationships. Learn how to navigate your way through these and through the stages that bring you back to connection and love.

60+ Ideas to Have an 'Affair' with Your Spouse

(Ideas for more romance in your marriage or relationship)

Part of the allure of affairs is that they have energy, aliveness, newness. Jump start more fun, romance and feeling of aliveness in your marriage or relationship. Many relationships stagnate and sometimes die from starvation!

Research on Imago Relationship Therapy and Couples' Workshops

List of research articles on Imago Relationship Therapy and the Getting the Love You Want Workshops.  Many of them have links for you to read the full article.

10 Tips to Get Your Spouse to Marriage Counseling

Often resistance to counseling is about fear or concern rather than lack of caring. Find understanding and specific tips you can use to encourage your reluctant spouse. You will also find a video that helps you understand some of the reasons your partner might not want to try marriage counseling.

Star Wars' Yoda's Secret to a Happier Relationship

Yoda's profound statement about the Dark Side reveals an important truth, confirmed by neuroscience, that is at the core of most relationship distress.

18 Tips for Long Distance Relationships

Time apart can be challenging, but it can also help you develop skills and ways of connecting that can help you deepen connection -- both when you are apart and when you are physically together.

Contempt: Poisoning Yourself & Your Relationship

Leading marriage researcher, John Gottman, lists contempt as one of the main predictors of divorce. What is contempt, and what can you do if this is creeping into your marriage or relationship?

Imago Dialogue (mp3 or CD):

One of the key tools for working with conflict and other important things in marriage and relationships is the Intentional Dialogue of Imago Relationship Therapy. This audio goes through steps, gives you tips, and more.

Choose Gratitude -- even when things are not perfect!

Cultivating a conscious attitude of gratitude leads to greater happiness in life and in marriage. There is a link to another article by Arthur C. Brooks that lists some of the research findings related to gratitude.

Look for the Best Instead of the Worst in Your Spouse or Partner

It's easy to see your partner's mistakes and imperfections. Some of them are true. Some are more about you and your own experiences. Addressing them in positive ways is important in any relationship. But positive aspects of your spouse are hidden among the negatives.

Special Nights of Cruising: Lessons on Taking Time to Just Be Together

Lessons learned from a cruise about the importance and value of making special times of being together.

Are You Ethically Responsible in Sharing Posts on Facebook and Email?

We create the climate of relationships continually -- not only with our spouse, family and friends, but also in our society. Our actions create experiences, attitudes, and more. It is easy to reactively share fear-mongering posts -- including many we don't even verify for truth. Steps to share your beliefs and opinions more ethically and responsibly.

Why You Fail to Empathize with Your Spouse or Partner

Introduction to a great article by relationship blogger, Dr. Kelly Flanagan on The 5 Empathy Fails in Marriage and How We Can Avoid Them.

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