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Dawn Lipthrott, couples counselor bioI am a marriage and relationship counselor /coach, marriage workshop presenter, and a licensed therapist with 30 years experience working exclusively with couples and individuals for marriage counseling and relationship coaching. ( I also use the tools I teach in my own life because they are effective!)  Prior to private practice, I worked with individuals, families, and groups from a wide background.

I firmly believe that our lives, groups, societies and the world as a whole are made up of relationship networks. Marriage or committed partnership can be one of the most satisfying and enriching -- and can be one of the most painful at times.

Even the best relationships have conflict. However, sometimes the loving connection is gradually replaced by tension, disconnection, pain and loneliness. Small conflicts can spiral into hurtful arguments or shutting down and can lead to the destruction of the relationship.

But with information and tools, and a re-building of safe connection, conflict can open doors that help both people move into deeper love and advance on their road to wholeness as passionate partners, and allies. They can build or recapture that 'unshakeable sense of US' that they can rely on and feel safe in. More often than not, couples can take steps they need to build the marriage or relationship they both most want.

Marriage and Relationship Counseling Specialist:

Some therapists try to take any type of client for any type of problem -- a jack-of-all-trades approach. Some of those do provide effective couples counseling. While I had experience in a variety of settings early in my career, I decided about 30 years ago to focus exclusively on marriage and relationship issues. When I need help for my health or something else, I prefer to go to a specialist in that area -- or at least someone who has a passion for working with those kinds of issues. I wanted to become that kind of specialist for marriages and love relationships. It was the right choice for me because I still love working with couples, even after all these years.

I obtained extensive post graduate trainings in marriage and relationship issues and tools, and I still continue to focus my continuing education in those areas. I have done training with Sue Johnson, PhD in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (ECT) and with John Gottman, PhD. narrative therapy, and others.  I believe there is always more to learn!  With my certification as an Advanced Clinician and Workshop Presenter through the Institute for Imago Relationship Therapy (now Imago Relationships North America, part of Imago Relationships International), I have the opportunity to teach information and skills to even more couples.  With my experience with so many couples over the years, I bring special knowledge and skills to help people create, repair, nourish and empower conscious, intentional, relationships. (I also use the information and tools in my own relationship because they work -- if you use them!)

I present the Getting the Love You Want workshop in Orlando, Florida and I was requested to present it at the Omega Institute conference center in New York. I see couples in my office in Winter Park, Florida (just outside Orlando) for regular 1 hour or 1.5 hour marriage counseling or relationship coaching sessions. In addition, I do extended sessions ranging from 3 hours to 2 days for those who want to do the work more quickly.

I offer coaching, education, workshops, training, consultation, courses and counseling for marriages, partnerships, friendships and other types of adult relationships. 95% of my practice is focused on couples. I always feel honored to be trusted with something as sacred as a person's marriage, life partnership, or other important relationship. Sometimes I work with individuals who are not in a significant relationship with the goal of providing information and skills individuals they need to overcome ineffective relationship patterns or build a strong relationship in the future.

Couples have come from all over Florida, across the country, Canada, to work with me in a 2-day private workshop or marriage intensive. People have sought help from me as far away as Hong Kong, Australia, Portugal and other countries. I am honored to be considered by some of my colleagues as a 'therapist's therapist', because I sometimes help other counselors with their own marriage or relationship issues.

"I appreciate Dawn's heart, thinking, and depth of understanding."
Dr. Harville Hendrix, creator of Imago Relationship Therapy

When not working, I enjoy photography, working on family history, reading, relaxing in nature, working in the garden, taking road trips, going to concerts, and spending time with family and friends. I am very blessed to have my family, my large extended 'adopted' Cuban family locally, and wonderful friends. Thank heavens for Facebook to keep up with family in Australia and in other parts of Florida!

To obtain more information or to make an appointment email me. (I can respond to e-mail more quickly than telephone, but I'm happy to talk to you by telephone as well. It can help to set a time through email to talk briefly by telephone) You may also want to look at the services and Frequently Asked Questions sections of this website.

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