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In normal times, the Getting the Love You Want workshop is two very full days of information (presentations), activities, skills and practice. Although it is very rewarding for most couples, it is tiring too. I have often said that I wish I could do the workshop over a 4-day period so that I could give one or two presentations, do a few activities and then send people out the rest of the day to think about what they are learning, have time to think about things they want to stop or start, begin practicing new tools, sharing insights, and resting or playing too!

Some presenters are offering the full workshop over two full days on Zoom. For some people that works, but for many it is too long sitting in front of a computer, especially for the information pieces of the workshop.

In a typical in-person workshop, Day 1 lays a foundation with information pieces to help build toward action steps and new skills. There is a little practice and a chance to use one of the skills to help discover some of the roots of your conflicts. In that skill couple go off to separate rooms and if they need help, I'm available to coach them.
Day 2 of the workshop spends a lot of time breaking out into separate areas to work with your partner, with just a few short pieces of giving you more information for the next skill steps and some written activities.

New Format:

So coronavirus has given me an opportunity to do the workshop more like I would prefer! I have moved all the presentations to Day 1 (with activities) and all the pieces we do of working with your spouse to implement the skills are now in Day 2.

Getting the Love You Want onlineDay 1 you will actually do on your own in your own home throughout the week BEFORE the Saturday that we meet online. You will will work at your own pace with the presentations on video and the activities after each video. You will need to be motivated enough to do about 7-8 hours of work in that week. (That includes activities on your own and some with your spouse/partner). If you have questions, you can contact me.

The foundation is very important and will help you be successful in Day 2 and most importantly, after the workshop. It gives you some specific pieces of skills. It gives you mindsets to help you make decisions and take actions to improve your marriage or relationship in small, everyday, ways to bring back positives, and ways to create more of what you both want in this next chapter of your lives. It helps you understand how you get off track and add to disconnection and distress, often without even realizing it -- and how to both prevent some of it and to repair it. It explores different communication styles, new skills and mindsets for communication (especially about conflict and other important things). It helps you understand more the story underneath the story of frustrations and complaints that helps you repair and prevent future distress, and it helps you communicate in ways that also build emotional intimacy.

Imago couples workshop onlineDay 2 we will do on Zoom and most of the day you will be doing a variety of dialogues and work with your spouse/partner in private 'breakout rooms' . You will have a way to help uncover roots of your conflict and understand your partner/spouse's frustrations and behaviors better. You will practice working with frustrations and conflict.

Instead of looking at a computer screen, you will be talking with your spouse using your skills (but in front of your computer or iPad!). I will be able to check in to see if you need/want coaching and you will also have a way to let me know you need some help. We will come together online after each activity to either get more steps or tips and to move to deepening dialogue and connection.
(Eventually I will also have an option for a Day 2 in my office because couples break out much of the day into separate rooms to do the work. At this point I'm concerned about being in the building for a full day.) I will also continue to offer this format as an option even after I return to full 2-day in-person workshops.

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You will need to register at least 2 weeks in advance of the date of the workshop listed.
(The listed date is your "Day 2") I need to have time to mail out handouts and activities to you. There will also be links to download copies in each section. I want you to have the material and access to the videos starting the weekend before our meeting date so you have a full week to do your Day 1 work on your own.

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