I offer both in-person and online Getting the Love You Want workshops.  Here's what you need to know about the online version. . .


The in-person Getting the Love You Want workshop, based on the concepts and skills of Imago Relationship Therapy developed by Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen Hunt, PhD is two very full days of information (presentations), activities, skills and practice.

New Format for online workshops:

No, you will not be stuck in front of a screen all day listening to me talk for 2 days on Zoom!

Pre-Workshop Work:
You will need to plan and schedule yourselves to do approximately 3 hours total for viewing a couple of videos and doing a few activities during the week BEFORE we meet online. It is normally part of the 2-day in-person workshop, but doing some of it on your own ahead of time allows me to reduce presentation time when we meet and shorten the days to minimize 'Zoom fatigue' as much as possible. Please schedule your 'at home' work time as soon as you receive your registration confirmation. I will give you the amount of time that each activity usually takes so you can plan your schedule. Otherwise, life has a way of filling our days and nights. Without setting specific times, it is easy for couples to end up struggling to 'find' time to do this part of your workshop. Make time.

The Workshop Dates:
We will do 2 days on Zoom, starting at 9am and finishing at 3:00 - 3:30 with an hour for lunch each day. Getting the Love You Want online

I will do two more presentations on our first day, but the rest of the first day, and nearly all of the second day will be primarily working with your spouse or partner. You will llearn and practice skills for working with conflict, discover the 1 or 2 core roots of your conflicts, build emotional intimacy and deepen connection. I will give you some more of the steps, tips, and be available to coach you, if needed/wanted, to help you as you are working together -- and, to help you get off to a solid start. You do your work in the privacy of a 'breakout room' in Zoom where you can still signal me for help or I can step into your room to ask if you need any help.

Register NOW!

Please register at least 2 weeks in advance of the dates of the workshop listed.
I need to have time to mail out some handouts and activities to you. (There will also be links to download copies in each section of the work you do ahead of time.) I want you to have the material and access to the videos starting the weekend before our meeting date so you have a full week to do your work on your own.

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