contact orlando marriage counselor I am doing both in-person marriage counseling /coaching sessions and couples workshops. (I also provide services with Zoom (secure account). Contact me for questions or to schedule a counseling, coaching appointment or workshop.

Relationship & Marriage Counseling Office Information


counseling officeWelcome to my office! I believe you will find it cozy, comforable, safe and welcoming both for counseling or a weekend marriage workshop.

Below you can find information to many common questions about my offfice location, appointment times, fees, the secure area for clients, and information on policies (children, late arrival, cancellation, smartphones)

office for couples workshop

If you need emergency help or in a crisis, call 911. If you are in the Central Florida area, you can also call:
• Florida Hospital’s Behavioral Health 24 hour crisis assessment and help- line:
(407) 303-8533 or (800) 869-1616 OR
• Lifeline of Central Florida 407-425-2624

If you do not find the answer to your question, please email me. (I can get back to you faster by email.)

Office Information:

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  • Directions & Link to Map🔻

  • Link to Google map for my office.


    If you take I-4 to Fairbanks, you would go right off the exit toward Winter Park, cross over 17-92 and then turn LEFT at the light on DENNING. Continue on Denning, past the back of pink movie theater in the Village, across Webster and alongside the adult vocational school -- still on Denning. It looks like you are headed to warehouses, but keep going!
    When you cross the railroad track, the entrance to the parking lot is on your LEFT. You will see tan buildings (Louisiana Office Park). Go down to the third building (1177) and I am in Suite 109. If you miss the parking lot entrance, the first street on the left after the tracks is Louisiana. You can enter the parking lot between each building.

    Take 17-92/Orlando Ave. toward Winter Park. Turn LEFT onto N. Park Ave. just before the railroad overpass. The first street on the RIGHT by the convenience store is Louisiana. Turn onto Louisiana, go almost to the end of the street and you will see 3 2-story buildings with teal awnings. I'm in the first coming from this direction -- Building 1177 -- parking is in the back. I'm in Suite 109.

  • Hours & general times for appointments🔻

  • My appointment times are: Tuesday - Thursday: The 1st appt is at 9am. The latest starts at 4:30pm (However, if it is your 1st session, the late appointment is 4pm.) I do have some Monday times available. Someone uses my office on Monday from 3pm on most weeks, so my appointments would need to coordinate with her times.

    I do not schedule client appointments on Friday or the weekends unless I am doing an extended session for people from out of town, an intensive or a private workshop.

  • Fees and Insurance🔻

  • If you want the cheapest counseling that you can find, I am not the one for you. I am also not the most expensive! I try to keep my fees stable and mid-range even though I have extensive experience and specialize exclusively in couples and other relationship issues.

    I do NOT bill insurance for a variety of reasons. One reason is that the majority of people who see me are not 'sick' or 'crazy' -- they are people who are in emotional pain because of patterns of disconnection and distress in their marriage or partnership. However, some couples can use a Health Savings Account through their insurance. (Why I do not take insurance)

    I do understand that some couples cannot afford counseling without insurance no matter how committed they are. There are some very good marriage/relationship counselors who take insurance. Some are in individual practice, but you are more likely to find them in a group practice

    Regular Couples and Individual Session Fees: (Effective 5-1-2023 for new clients. Previous clients will continue at the rates they normally pay.)
    • Couples sessions: $155 for 1 full hour
    (I do NOT charge extra for the extra 1/2 hour in the first session.)

    • Individual Fees: $130 for hour sessions
    (For people not in committed relationships or when the spouse/partner refuses to come to counseling after the 1st session)

    Extended couples counseling session fees:
    • 3 hour session: $425
    • 4 hour session: $595

    Couple Intensives:
    • 1 day of 7 hours:
    $925  (6 hours is $795)
    • 2 days: $1500

    Couples Workshops:
    In Person: Weekend Getting the Love You Want Workshops for couples: $745 (Early bird discount $50 if you register 2 or more weeks before the workshop) You can hold your place with a $350 deposit, with the remainder due 1 week before the workshop.
    Online small group workshops $695.

    Private Workshops: $1500 (In-person - 2 days)
    Online private is
    $1200 (2 days) You can hold your place with a $450 deposit, with the remainder due 2 weeks before the workshop.

  • Client secure area & Forms🔻

    Once you have a first appointment, you will be sent an email with information about registering on the secure site. (If you already have your first appointment scheduled, you can go there now.)

    You will see the forms to fill out in advance of your first session. (You can also dictate from your smartphone, iPad or computer your answers in the longer form about your goals.) Your partner cannot see your forms, but I can. Confidential email can be exchanged there. Some of your homework will be in your file there. In addition, there is a private journal which even I cannot see unless you specifically mark a post for me to see. I sometimes put notes or summaries from our sessions so each of you can see them.

    Clients have like the security of the site and the fact that they can have most of their handouts, homeworks and notes all in one private area.



    If you are going to be late, please call to let me know you are on your way. If you are 15 minutes or more late, or need to leave 15 minutes or more early, you will need to cancel the appointment -- online, email, or voicemail.

    • NEED TO CANCEL: If you need to cancel, please inform me at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a $50 charge for the session. You reserve that block of time and often people are waiting for openings to come in. If you develop any symptoms of illness, please cancel. The fee will be waived.


    Silence all phones when you enter my office. I understand that occasionally you may have a family member who is ill or staying alone. Please inform me at the start of the session. The intrusion of constant availability for work and everyone in your life creates difficulties in some relationships! I love technology, but often people need to learn to create and honor boundaries with it. In counseling, you are taking time to pay full attention to each other.


    Recording any part of your session is strictly prohibited because it violates the safety and confidentiality of sessions. It is also a violation of Florida law. If for some reason, I might want to record a small part of a session to show you a pattern of interaction, I will obtain the consent of both of you prior to any recording and the recording will be erased at the end of that session.


    Please do not bring infants or other children to your appointment. Children are not permitted in session or to be left in the waiting room . I have tried it in the past, but they pull attention away from each other and invariably ends up interrupting the session. Learning to be more fully present to your partner is one of the skills most people need to build and to create time to do!

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