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I encourage you to read the following notices and article, no matter what type of service you may be seeking:

What to Expect in Marriage or Relationship Counseling with Dawn
When Should You Go to Marriage or Relationship Counseling?
Getting Your Partner to Go to Marriage or Relationship Counseling
Choosing A Counselor / Coach for Your Marriage / Relationship
Should we go to private counseling to to a Getting the Love You Want workshop for couples?
A Mutual Commitment with You
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 Marriage Y Relationship Counseling


Gives YOU tools & skills.

Builds on your personal strengths

Helps you find win-win steps, instead of win-lose.

You do not fight in my office -- you learn a different way.

There is usually more hope than couples think!

For over 20 years, I have worked ONLY with marriage and relationships. That is my focus and my passion.


My specialty is to help people deepen and repair marriages, partnerships, and relationships of all kinds:
• to take the relationship you HAVE and take concrete steps to make it the relationship you both WANT it to be--
• to go from bad, mediocre or OK to a fulfilling, enduring one that you feel lucky to have. I help you
• to address problems at the deeper root level that can have ripples throughout the relationship since frustrations tend to be connected even though they are about different instances. I help you step out of patterns that undermine you in spite of your best efforts. There are some things that just don't work in adult relationships, even though they may have worked for us earlier in life.

I also help couples taking their next level of commitment to build a toolbox to use for the inevitable ups and downs of life together.

It is my belief that while our work is to strengthen your relationship abilities for your primary relationship(s), the effects spread into the world in all places that your life touches.

My counseling style often uses elements of coaching and is designed to be fairly short-term. This work gives you practical, effective information and tools to address your concerns, to deepen connection, and to help you meet your goals.

Counseling for couples can average between 6-14 sessions, depending on the issues. Some are handled in less--some need a few more. People across the country and in other countries have sought my help in repairing their marriage or relationship.

YOU need to come with a willingness to work and ready to make some changes. It's not about the amount of change, it's about making the RIGHT changes which are sometimes small ones that make a big difference. I can help you, but I can't do it FOR you. You have to work, not only in session, but in-between. (I recommend that you read What IS Imago Relationship Therapy and Goasl, Values, Commitments & Expectations.)

If you are looking for the cheapest counselor or the most expensive one, I'm not it. My fees are $140 per session and I do not take any insurance. Some people seek their own reimbursement, but you need to qualify for a diagnosis (see article on insurance.)

How often you come in depends on what your main issues are and how much you work in between sessions. I usually like people to come for 3 sessions fairly close together (1-2 weeks apart) in order to build a foundation and begin moving in a positive direction. Then I like to space the sessions out a little more so that couples have time to work in between. You cannot just start at once a month and hope to get any momentum going. But sometimes every week is too close together and does not give people time to work with the tools and skills in real life.
If you have a crisis like an affair, you need more frequent sessions and it may take longer than usual, but still relatively short term.

and Extended Counseling Sessions

Intensives came into being initially for couples who flew in from out of state to obtain counseling with me. Intensives are 1-2 full or half days of counseling for couples. They can be a good way for couples in crisis to get a jump start and do significant work immediately.

As I began receiving calls from couples in different areas of Florida who wanted to come for counseling, I created the option to come for a 2, 3, or 4 hour session on a less frequent basis so that they can do a big chunk of work, go home and work between on their own and with homework assignments.

Premarital Course

(I will be doing a version for gay & lesbian couples in the future.)

This is a home-study course for couples planning to get married or even thinking about it! It meets the requirement for the Florida premarital course. Visit the website to make sure your county is included in approved counties. You can also learn a lot from it, even if you do not need the requirement.

Getting the Love You Want workshop for couples


You can find more information on the Getting the Love You Want workshops by clicking on the title. You can also download a brochure from our office for the workshops.

This is a great weekend workshop for couples to focus on themselves as a couple -- to learn skills, to communicate with depth, to resolve and dissolve conflict, and to deepen connection and intimacy. The workshop is for couples who have a good relationship they want to enrich and deepen, for couples who get stuck from time to time, for couples in moderate distress, and for couples who don't even know if they want to be together -- and for others in between!   Rather than have 20 couples in a room with no personal contact as the presenter, I limit my workshops to 10 couples. I also do private and semi-private workshops in my office.

For gay and lesbian couples:
I have separate workshops for gay and lesbian couples who prefer them, although you are welcome at any workshop as long as you are comfortable if you are the only gay couple at a particular workshop.

Sometimes couples prefer one on one workshops in the privacy of my office. You get the main parts of the group workshop (materials, some presentations, skills and tools), but you have me guiding you in the skills and deepening the work. The private workshop is 2 full days (weekday, weekend or Friday/Saturday, or Sunday/Monday -- whatever will work with your schedule and mine.) The fee is $1200.

Presentations for Your Group

If you want a program for your group, e-Mail or call us to discuss your needs. Dawn is an energetic speaker who delivers substance while holding your attention and encouraging you to have fun.

Audio CDs  Learn tips and tools to help you and your partner be more successful in using the Intentional Dialogue with this 2-CD set. Watch for new titles.
Our Bookstores Our Center Bookstore is in partnership with We have our section on Relationship Books ready for you to order. Watch for other sections.

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