Orlando marriage counseling
"I help you take the marriage or relationship you have and make it the one you want."

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS: (Early bird registration discount available!)

March 4-6, 2016

Getting the Love You Want workshop for couples • Orlando, FL  (Download brochure
(Starts 7:30pm Friday)
Now (Early Bird Rate 3 weeks or more in advance of workshop)!

Click here for information on Private Marriage or Relationship Workshops.
These are scheduled individually with the couple.


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Orlando marriage counselor

Dawn J. Lipthrott, LCSW
Couples Counseling & Education

The Relationship Learning Ctr.
1177 Louisiana Ave. Ste. 109
Winter Park, FL 32789

(part of Orlando area in Central Florida)

Tel & Fax: 407-740-7763



The Relationship Learning Center: Your Place for Marriage and Relationship Counseling and Education

The Relationship Learning Center specializes in providing marriage and relationship counseling, coaching, workshops and courses for individuals and couples who want to:

  • start strong in a new marriage or relationship
  • build and enrich a good marriage to make it even better
  • repair and rebuild a marriage or relationship that is filled with conflict and disconnection
  • rebuild trust after an affair or some other betrayal
  • find out if there is any hope for their relationship. (Hint: there usually IS hope if people are willing to do some work!)

My goal is to help marriages and couples in all aspects of marriage and relationship success. Couples experience many mini-challenges and sometimes major challenges in their relationship. Having tools as you start out can help you avoid getting derailed. In a marriage or partnership (or any relationship!), those conflicts and disconnects are invitations to increase your relational intelligence and competencies. Mistakes, unhappiness, obstacles are some of our best teachers -- IF we use them wisely to build better marriages or relationships. The spiral of disconnection might come in the form of communication problems, inability to resolve conflicts, fighting, withdrawing, decline in sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy, betrayal, lack of laughter and fun, boredom, lack of aliveness in the marriage, and more.

If just one of you thinks you need marriage/relationship counseling, you probably do!

Pay attention if your spouse or partner is telling you that you need to get some help for your marriage or relationship. Brushing it off, dismissing it, demeaning the suggestion will only push you both further down the road of negativity. Google reports show that 470,000 people look for websites about marriage or couples counseling every month! Most of those people are probably a lot like you. They value their marriage, family and/or partnership. They long to feel close, connected and loving as they once did. Many have some of those frustrating or major challenges in their marriage. Most have tried to fix their relationship, but what they have tried has not really worked. When you try and it keeps sliding downward, it is easy to start feeling hopeless. Some doubt that marriage counseling or a couples workshop COULD help them. Some will never do anything beyond searching Google. However, some are willing to take new action to try again to find ways to co-create a happy marriage or partnership.

What I can tell you from over 20 years experience working only with marriage and relationships, is that there is usually much more hope than couples think -- IF they are willing to do some work. Counseling, workshops, books are not magic. But if you are willing to learn and experiment with new information and tools, you might be pleasantly surprised!

If you are interested in marriage or relationship counseling or workshops, see what approach is right for you: 
• counseling, or extended/intensive counseling sessions (3 hours), intensives (1 or 2 days),
• a couples workshop (Getting the Love You Want based on"Imago Relationship Therapy" developed by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and his wife, Helen Lakelly Hunt, Ph.D), 
• a private workshop
• or an online course. (Currently the premarital course is available. A guide to help you renew or rebuild a happy marriage is in the works.)

I invite you to browse the articles and resources on my site, and when you are ready for a couples retreat/workshop, coaching or counseling, just let me know. 
(E-mail is the quickest way to reach me.)

I am located in Winter Park, Florida -- a community in the Orlando area.

DISCLAIMER  Disclaimer: Information, observations, and opinions are offered for general reference only and should not be misconstrued as marriage or relationship counseling advice, diagnosis or psychotherapy. Base your treatment or decisions solely upon the recommendations of your your own psychotherapist, counselor or physician or your own choices. By using this site, you signify full acceptance of our Terms of Use.   


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